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PreSchool and Daycare Photography Canberra

At Smile Photography, we offer a range of packages, themes, and styles in which your centres photographs can be taken.

Our standard theme is a Fairytale design, as shown on the packages below. Themes can also be designed specifically for your centre, to match your colours, or a style your centre may have.

Class photographs can be done in the traditional class style, with each class sitting on chairs or equipment, or as a composite set up, where there is a headshot of each child.

Your centres choice does not vary package costs in any way, and as we work on an envelope based system, there is no direct cost to your centre.

Smile Photography will provide your centre with a photo of each class, and sibling photographs are available for parents at a small charge.

Smile Photography guarantees a hassle free photo day, quick return of photographs, and the best quality work.

We make certain to work around children’s needs, and put energy into helping the children relax and feel comfortable with us. With Smile Photography, you will never be asked to keep a child awake, or hold off on that bottle.

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